I offer a selection of intensive courses depending on experience.

They can be:
6 hours
8 hours
10 hours
12 hours
16 hours
or 20 hours

Fully depending on your ability to drive. For example, someone who is at test standard would perhaps only want 8-12 hours but someone who isn't so confident might want more hours 16-20 hours but with more available if needed.

Llandrindod has one of the highest test pass rates due to its location and 1 set of traffic lights. I will teach anyone from the age of 17 along with refresher courses for older people or those who need a confidence boost. I welcome first time drivers and nervous students, as I enjoy seeing your improvement over the duration of the course. We will progress at a rate that suits you and your needs, to make sure you are ready and confident to pass your test.


£290 per 10 hours for manual instruction.

£290 per 10 hours for automatic instruction.

I can offer advice on where to stay but you can find your own accommodation if you prefer. However, if you do find somewhere outside Llandrindod then would need to make arrangements to get into the town for the intensive course itself.

If you prefer you can book the test yourself after checking dates with me here:

DVSA Practical Test Booking